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Industry Solutions

Keeping Hospitality Connected                                                                               

Across North America, KOR Systems has become known for providing comprehensive Internet and networking services to the hospitality industry. Our technical expertise combined with our understanding of all the nuances of the hospitality industry makes us a valuable partner. We know what you need to satisfy your guests, staff and other stakeholders, and can deploy each solution quickly and seamlessly.


Benefits of KOR Solutions


By leveraging our KOR Solutions, you’re positioned to:

  • Increase guest satisfaction. Fast, reliable High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) as well as other value-added services it enables will increase overall satisfaction, boost visits and referrals, and promote a superior brand position.
  • Create additional revenue streams. Tiered HSIA billing creates a new revenue stream that delivers quick ROI for system implementation and long-term revenue generation.
  • Rapidly adopt new technologies. With a stable, properly designed IP infrastructure in place, hotels are able to quickly roll out the newest technologies as they become available for increased guest satisfaction and a competitive edge.


From low voltage wiring and back office set up to HSIA deployment and support, KOR Systems is positioned to simplify the design, deployment and management of your converged IP network and  Guest Internet solutions with our total service approach.