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Low Voltage Design & Wiring Infrastructure

Even the most robust network cannot perform without the proper infrastructure to support it. As a turnkey provider of Internet and networking services to the hospitality industry, KOR Systems offers design and installation services for low voltage wiring infrastructures, including: 

  • Voice and data wiring
  • Fiber optic backbone
  • Audiovisual wiring

Creating a Secure Foundation

At many hotels, wiring infrastructure has not kept pace with guest demands for fast and reliable property-wide Internet access; demands that can only be adequately met with wired access points. In order to satisfy guests’ needs as well as management’s goals, KOR Systems provides complete voice, data, and video network infrastructure design and installation services that feature:

  • Labeled, color-coded voice and data jacks for easy identification.
  • Design, installation, and support in a variety of environments.
  • Data and voice cables that meet E1A/T1A standards, National Electrical Code (NEC) standards, local building, and electrical codes and to accepted industry standards.
  • Cables tested to EIA/TIA standards to ensure Category 5e and CAT 6 & 7 performance.

Contact a member of our team to learn more about our infrastructure design and installation services, or to request a quote.