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Hospitality Guest Internet Solutions

For hoteliers, High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) has evolved from a special amenity to an absolute necessity. Without robust internet, guest satisfaction plummets taking occupancy and revenue with it. While guest expectations for speed, availability and security have risen, infrastructure at most hotels has not kept pace.

KOR Systems delivers intelligently designed, brand compliant cost-effective networks that satisfy current demands for Guest Internet while laying the foundation for future growth and increased guest satisfaction.

Smart Wired and Wireless Internet Solutions

Evolving technology and tech-savvy guests demand more than the basic wireless network deployment. At KOR Systems, we conduct an extensive site survey to establish the most cost-effective wired/wireless network setup and deployment process for your hotel.
Our network and WiFi experts create a secure network and Internet experience that allows your guest to experience the following:

  • Multiple wireless devices per room. Allow guests to enjoy Internet access with multiple laptops, tablets, smartphones—or any combination of the above—under one transaction while ensuring the integrity of your network.
  • Tiered bandwidth and billing. Allows you to create bandwidth options and associated billing variables that can integrate with property management software in order to customize the guest Internet experience.
  • Brand extension. Branded splash pages at the guest, conference and lobby access levels that integrate with customer loyalty programs.
  • Network management. Ongoing management for real-time views of your WAN/LAN traffic and network health.
  • Support. 24/7 multi-lingual support for guest, conference center and meeting rooms.

The Future of Guest Internet Solutions

As brand standard experts, KOR Systems designs and implements robust Internet solutions for any size property that satisfy the expectations of guests, conference attendees and staff. Beyond that, we prepare hotels for quick adoption of future technologies, such as VOWiFi and IPTV, through scalable and managed IP-based connectivity solutions.

Contact us to discuss the current state of your guest network and how our solutions can transform your guest experience.