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Hospitality Voice Services

In-room telephones serve as the main medium for guests to experience the talent and helpfulness of hotel staff. And while they are the most classic and visible communication technology in a guest room, telephone revenue is nearly nonexistent. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a low-cost, reliable legacy system that supports future needs without significant additional costs.
As a full voice provider to the hospitality industry, KOR Systems installs and maintains both traditional analog phone systems (PBX) and converged networks with IP phones—or a combination of the two in guest rooms and administrative areas—and delivers supporting options such as call accounting, voice mail and Guestroom Telephones.

Converged Voice Services

While converged networks offer enhanced features and management options, they also boast complex installation demands and require tech-savvy engineers for design, installation and programming. At KOR Systems, we have completed a variety of converged networks from basic to extremely complex. We also offer phone system support for ongoing needs.
If you’re renovating an existing facility, building new or require an upgrade, contact our technicians today to discuss the possibilities.