Support Services

While KOR Systems consistently delivers dependable HSIA and converged IP networks, there are always instances that require technical support. Our remote and on-site support services are design to provide quick, efficient resolution for a variety of issues at the guest and conference center level.
Our multi-lingual technicians are available 24/7 to provide tiered guest support for a variety of issues such as:
  • Wi-Fi card drivers
  • SSID configuration
  • Network login
  • Email settings
  • VPN connections

Conference Center Support

The support personnel at KOR Systems can also swiftly manage the more complex support needs of your conference center guests. From special IP address needs to VPN connection issues and beyond, our visibility into your network allows us to quickly resolve any issues conference center users face.
Plus, our support service analytics give you insight on the services that are most frequently utilized—by hotel guests and conference center users—in order to optimize your support offerings.
Contact us to learn more about our support services.