KOR Gateway

The KOR Gateway is a wireless and wired IP network management and Internet gateway solution designed to simplify network management and streamline the delivery of HSIA services. Designed for maximum flexibility, our proprietary Gateway scales to your property’s needs—regardless of size—and easily adapts to a variety of PMS and other software.

Welcome to Unlimited Possibilities

Designed by network and radio frequency (RF) experts, our Gateway enables you to enjoy:

  • Multi-device support. The built-in intelligence of our Gateway allows guests to connect multiple wireless devices through one transaction per room while maintaining the integrity of the connection.
  • Tiered billing. By integrating with your PMS and accounting systems, our Gateway enables you to offer a variety of guest bandwidth connectivity options that generate additional revenue and support multi-day purchases without requiring any interaction or support from property staff. Customized splash pages can be created at each level for a unique user experience.
  • Conference center services.The KOR Gateway gives you the power to easily negotiate and manage HSIA services and rates for conference center events. Remote or on-site support ensures the technical demands of conference guests are met while our flexible network allows you to provide a host of services such as:
    • Conference-branded splash pages with event agendas
    • Private or shared conference networks
    • Bandwidth management
    • Authentication with access code for private VPNs
    • Unlimited& dedicated static IP address range
  • Network Monitoring. By constantly monitoring the availability and functionality of all your network equipment such as switches, servers and wireless access points, out Gateway can quickly deliver per-component summaries so you are constantly informed about the health of your network.
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